What Does the New Myspace Mean for your Brand?

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Not many people have thought about Myspace since Facebook took over; however, it is making its comeback in the world of social media and ridding itself as a punchline. Myspace has made a promise that the new and improved social media site will be worth your time. They teamed up with Justin Timberlake, one of the new owners, to launch the social sites new look. Its new design puts a heavy emphasis on images and even heavier emphasis on music. Rather than competing against those popular social sites like Facebook and Twitter, Myspace has created their own identity in social media. So what does this mean for your brand?

Myspace is going to grab the attention of a younger generation first. Something to keep in mind is that this social site is attracting 18-24 year olds trying to migrate where their parents are not. For this reason, more time may be spent on Myspace than other social networks. The major benefit that users will find is that it incorporates all the features of today’s popular social sites into one community. There is much more of an opportunity for self-expression than twitter, and for that reason younger people may gravitate towards it. In addition, the new emphasis on images could work much like that of Pinterest, resulting in more traffic to your site.

It has not yet been said that brands will be able to venture into this world, but if Myspace is interested in revenue brands will be welcomed with open arms soon. Myspace needs brands more than brands need other platforms so expect something to be negotiated and evolve. Myspace will not magically become a social media giant, but it will evolve and be worth it to those early adapters.

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