How to Increase Facebook Engagement to Drive More Sales

As more marketers use Facebook to drive a purchase, the number of Facebook posts from brands has increased accordingly. More posts, however, do not mean higher levels of engagement. This BuzzSumo study shows that engagement has fallen by 20% since early 2017. But not all companies have seen this drop in engagement. You can make […]

Facebook Gifts

Facebook is doing away with virtual gifting and saying hello to actual real Gifts, Facebook’s new mobile revenue stream. It is the company’s major initiative into the world of social gift giving and e-commerce. It’s a major undertaking for Facebook, tackling an entire new segment of online commerce and adding a brand new revenue stream […]

What Does the New Myspace Mean for your Brand?

Not many people have thought about Myspace since Facebook took over; however, it is making its comeback in the world of social media and ridding itself as a punchline. Myspace has made a promise that the new and improved social media site will be worth your time. They teamed up with Justin Timberlake, one of […]

Get into the consumers home and you win

Recently we just had a client increase their July and August traffic by 31% verses last year. Yes, that is right…31%. Why an increase in traffic?

We made a concentrated effort to get into the home of the consumer whether it was through print or online we wanted to make sure the consumer got the message in the comfort of their own home.

How to use an online coupon code for marketing

If you have e-commerce aspect to your website, then you have the perfect opportunity to take advantage of coupon codes. Make a coupon code that will be referenced in the ad that can only be used at a retailer online store.This way direct sales and the discounts associated will be able to track return from […]

What’s the future hold for Facebook?

With Facebook’s recent announcement to become a traded company and the rise and fall of their stock, many are asking the question, “Will Facebook become the next MySpace?” R&A hears this question from retailers and manufacturers every day, “Should I really invest the time, energy and money into something that might die in 1, 2, […]

Facebook cracking down on profile pages

Facebook sent this out recently to one of our clients who is using a personal page to promote their business. It is against Facebook rules to use a personal profile page to promote a business. Please see the note below: According to our Statement of Rights and Responsibilities, Facebook accounts represent individual people only. It’s […]

Simple Steps to Improve your Facebook Page

Of course you want your Facebook marketing and communication campaign to be successful, but first you’ve got to be likeable! Below are the 11 ways to generate more likes, clicks and fan interaction to build a powerful sales channel for your business: 1. Share Pictures. A picture is worth a thousand words. In fact, 750 […]

It’s All About Synergy Baby: Direct Mail and Facebook

It is easy for us to rattle off this language because we make messages like this every single day. It is the norm in retail and especially furniture retail. But what if there was a medium where you didn’t have to show your offer unless the customer willingly opted into your message?

That medium has been created and it is Facebook.

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