How to use an online coupon code for marketing

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If you have e-commerce aspect to your website, then you have the perfect opportunity to take advantage of coupon codes. Make a coupon code that will be referenced in the ad that can only be used at a retailer online store.This way direct sales and the discounts associated will be able to track return from an advertisement.

Maintaining an email mailing list is not too complicated, and ideally you should be sending out emails once a week. When you send out your email, make sure to include a coupon code. These coupon codes do not need to give away your whole store. Ask yourself how much does it costs to acquire a new customer? Do you have an answer? How about you give your online customer that amount of a discount? How about free delivery?

Besides email, Facebook can be utilized to give away codes. In most cases, people aren’t going to see your messages by visiting your page; instead, they are going to see it in their newsfeed. So incentivize people to become fans of you on Facebook by displaying coupon codes only to your fans.

In addition, Why not use your Twitter account to tweet out limited time promotional codes? For example, Amazon.com tweets out on a regular basis promotional codes for music. Today most people buy their music from either iTunes or Amazon.com. People follow retailer accounts for a reason because they are looking for deals!

To be successful at utilizing coupon codes develop a coupon-based campaign:

  • First, study your numbers and see what discount you can offer.
  • Then it is important to set limits, such as a disclaimer stating “one offer per customer.”
  • While these are great promotional tools, make sure you use them sparingly so regular customers do not think that they are being gouged when they see how much you are willing to discount to gain new customers.
  • Market through several channels like such as Email, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Finally, track the ROI by talking to customers, using web analytics and determining if your codes are being redeemed and from where.

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