Be Ready, Here Comes the Mobile Shopper

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Did you know 103% growth in website traffic from smartphones from 2011-2012 (Source: Hubspot), plus US consumers spend almost 1 in every 10 ecommerce dollars using a mobile device (Source: Hubspot)? With that being said retailers need to understand how the growing popularity of mobile can hurt and help your store. Instead of trying to battle against the big bad “show-rooming”, join forces and allow your customers to shop the way they want to shop. In case you’re unfamiliar with what show rooming is, it is basically where shoppers check out a product in store but buy online after finding a cheaper price with their smart phones. In fact, 39% of instances where a consumer walks out of a store without buying were influenced by smartphones (Source: Hubspot).

So allow your customers to shop and be marketed to the way they want to. We are no longer in a business to consumer sale process we are in a consumer to business sale process. Allow your customer to feel like they are in control and trying to influence the sale; where in reality you’re in complete control and influencing the sale.

Here are some great tips of how to increase your mobile presence.

  • Create an awesome mobile shopping campaign.
  • This is more than just having a good mobile-friendly site. Retailers must provide consumers the same quality of customer experience and functionality on their mobile devices as they do on their PCs. That begins by ensuring that up-to-date product and price information express local shipping no prescription needed.is easy to access and view on mobile devices.
  • Increase your local search to engage mobile consumers at the critical moment when they are looking for information about local retail sites or store hours.
  • Retailers should focus on improving their local search results. In addition to registering their site with the relevant search engines, they should update their company information on local directories and yellow pages.
  • Use date to connect with customers

Studying consumers buying behaviors will help ensure that you are connecting with on-the-go consumers and making relevant offers. You can’t really avoid the scan and check mentality, but you should just be prepared for it. Know that you are dealing with smarter shoppers that do their research, especially with the growing number of Smartphone users. They have the software to look prices up online so they will.

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