Online vs. Offline Marketing

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Online vs. Offline Marketing

(They do not have to work against each other but can work with each other to equal success)

One of the many tasks that all retailers are facing is how to utilize both online and offline marketing tactics in their overall marketing strategy, thus helping increase their sales.

There are numerous benefits to both offline and online marketing. Online marketing allows you to more accurately target your designated demographic, while offline gives you a more general demographic. Online turns your store from an 8 – 5 store into a 24-7 store. Online removes the personal customer service, while offline allows you to connect with the customer, thus building trust and more likelihood of repeat business. While there are numerous pros and cons to both offline and online marketing, the best approach is to use them together.

So where are your customers? Online? Offline? BOTH! So how do you target them? Well, for starters, you need to put yourself in their shoes. Think of what your habits are – do you still watch the evening news?

Do you still get the newspaper? If you answered yes to either of these questions, then most likely your customers are answering yes as well. Meaning that you still need to market to those traditional media sources. Many customers will see something offline. They will then research it online, and then they will buy it offline. Resources show that roughly 70% of customers will use online resources to research a product that they will buy offline.

So how does a retailer use both online and offline marketing? By integrating all their resources – for example, take a look at your ad budget. What percentage of it is used for online marketing? If the answer is less than 10%, then you are not full integrating online marketing into your overall strategy. Once you are integrated, the next step is using both offline and online strategies to bring your business success, which I will discuss further in my next blog.

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