How to Increase Website Conversions

Increase website conversions today

Website conversions can make your company’s goals a reality, but converting website visitors into leads can be more difficult than expected. We take an in-depth look at the secrets marketers use to increase website conversions which can ultimately lead to an increase in sales for your store. Check out these tips you can implement on […]

4 Must-Haves To Begin Creating A Winning Marketing Strategy…TODAY

4 Must-Haves To Begin Creating A Winning Marketing Strategy...TODAY

Business is really good right now. Supply chain is really bad. Trying to find a way to generate more market share and/or penetration without spending money that is not fully guaranteed is quite the battle. We have identified four key characteristics to creating a marketing plan and budget for today that can handle the uncertainty […]

How do we market out of this?

It really is an easy answer but a hard one to say out loud. You can’t market your way out of it. It’s not that there is going to be message that you can say or a Facebook post that you can write or videos that you can distribute on multiple channels. It’s that EVERYONE […]

Coronavirus Update from our President – R&A Marketing

Coronavirus Update from R&A

Dear valued partners, The marketing world just got different. The last 72 hours has shifted the way in which we account for and create success. There is a not a blueprint or a road map of how to navigate this nor a sure path forward for when life will turn back to normal. All we […]

Foster Brand Loyalty by Targeting Customers at Different Life Stages

Loyalty is a powerful word. It invokes images of knights slaying dragons in the name of their king and dogs standing guard faithfully beside their owners. But what does loyalty mean in terms of consumer behavior? When a customer has brand loyalty, does that mean that they will stand behind a product or company to […]

Kyle Doran Named 40 Under 40 In The Furniture Industry

Via Home Furnishings Business: There are youngsters among us in the Market crowds, but often they’re hard to find. Welcome to Home Furnishings Business second Forty Under 40 list of industry movers and shakers who are making noise and leaving rather large footprints in some great operation through the business sector. The slate of nominees, […]

eCommerce or Die—Your customer now is your customer online

More often than not in our ventures with clients we hear that we need to target our “online customer”. There is a perception in the marketing world that your online customer is different from your offline customer.

To some degree there might be some truth in that in regards to how they absorb information verses online or offline. However, the amount of money or style of product they might be trying to purchase does not change online or offline.

eCommerece or Die–You Would Expect Me To Say That

Now, you would expect a young gun in the retail marketing industry to tell you that you are nuts to not sell online if you want to stay in business. Well, that is 100% true because you are not nuts if you want to stay in business.

However, if you have no intentions of continuing your business then we suggest not investing the time, energy and resources into selling online because you will fail.

Quick-Fire Marketing – Bedding Is Booming

Ignite your marketing with mattress dedicated advertising and online traffic to drive sales Bedding is Booming: As expected, bedding and mattresses continue to be a very strong category among retailers. It’s also a sure-fire category to leverage some old-school media to help drive results. Utilize newspaper ads and circulation distribution via the newspaper to help […]

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