Online vs. Offline Marketing

Online vs. Offline Marketing (They do not have to work against each other but can work with each other to equal success) One of the many tasks that all retailers are facing is how to utilize both online and offline marketing tactics in their overall marketing strategy, thus helping increase their sales. There are numerous […]

Marketing Has Evolved

A quick fix that is projected throughout the landscape of retail is to get a better website, build a Facebook profile, or start a blog and you have mastered today’s marketing. This is a knee jerk reaction that only creates problems—not solutions.

Another knee jerk reaction is to take this new way of marketing as “I better change everything right now to meet the customer’s needs!” Sometimes this is part of the solution but at the core is truly identifying who you are RIGHT now.

Opening up a can…

Six months ago Honda decided it would get social. Their new Crosstour design was to debut exclusively on a Facebook page. They put in product features, photos, and design differences from competitiors hoping to open up their world to social media users.


Have you ever fired a customer? There’s a time to decide you aren’t going to be pushed around like a kid on the playground and stand up to a bully Ms. Jones. There’s also a time to give in to unreasonable demands just to keep the peace.

What’s Your Story?

John Rash, a reporter and author of the “Rash Report” for Advertising Age, is an acclaimed media analyst. In his most recent article he is commenting on the ups and downs of Nielsen ratings for the network super powers, which shows are performing, which shows are not performing, and other various media gossip. Normally I disregard these articles but there was something about this particular article that caught my eye


Ms. Jones will use PRICE as her first line of defense, hoping that this seemingly ironclad excuse will stop any salesperson in their tracks.

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