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Smartphones have become extremely popular over the last decade to the point where most people have one. Because of this, advertisers have slowly been toying with the idea of mobile integration and mobile marketing campaigns, and in the past few years it has been really taking off. But how does a company track a mobile campaign?

So much of traditional marketing and advertising can’t be efficiently tracked or measured. Traditional print and television media often estimates audience size and brand impressions, and provide almost no measure of advertising responses or direct product sales. A key advantage to mobile marketing is its ability to provide a fully traceable and measurable medium.

When a mobile marketing campaign is connected through mobile integration, you are able to track each individual customer including:

• Open rates

• Response rates

• Unsubscribed recipients

• And much more

But how is this done?

Just like you can track how many people opened up your E-mail blast or how many people looked at your website today. Mobile marketing offers the same type of analytical tools that allow you to accurately measure the success of a mobile marketing campaign. These stats and figures will allow you to drill down to view the customer’s data to give you an overview of which campaigns or elements of one campaign worked effectively or did not work effectively.

By having your marketing integrated across all advertising forms, these types of analytical tools allows you to measure if your direct mail piece or insert actually got the return you expected. Having total visibility of a campaign and having your marketing integrated can enable you to react quickly if an element of the campaign is not working.

In a highly competitive marketplace, knowledge of consumer behavior and successful mobile marketing campaign elements are the key to gaining the competitive advantage. This recorded data can increase the chance of future sales conversion.

Remember –You can’t manage what you can’t measure.

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