Who Made the Most of May 2016?

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Across the USA May Furniture sales results have been a bit choppy. At R&A Marketing, however, we are pleased to announce a nice sales up-tick for our clients.

We credit this success to a steady approach to holiday weekends:

  • create a nice holiday presence.
  • but also let a consistency of targeted media placement throughout the year help win.

Why this approach? Generally Ms. Jones has already made up her mind to buy or not long before the big sale event.

May’s average advertising expense across all of our dealers rounded out just at 5.5% with one new client achieving a 41% sales increase vs. year ago.

We also want to share these related & successful marketing tactics for holiday sales:

  • Good merchandise can help qualify your buyer making it a potential secret weapon.
  • Running hold over weekends for your big sales with social media can really deliver a strong return.

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To sum up our thoughts each and every week, our CEO Kyle Doran, has decided to drop a #SumItUpSaturday that helps paint a picture on where we are heading in this year.

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