The One Person You Need to Fire ASAP… YOURSELF!

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Sam Walton. Bill Gates. Steve Jobs.

These giants within the world of commerce and retail have something pretty important in common: they led their businesses to great success. All of them realized at a young age that they were the driving force that determined whether their companies would be a success or a failure. So they hired themselves to run their companies, and then they brought in other talented figures to help move specific parts of their business forward.

If you currently do more than $10 million in retail sales, feel free to stop reading this now (we’re going to be talking about business practices that you’ve most likely already implemented). But if you’re under $10 million in retail sales, continue reading because we’re about to change your business outcome FORVER.

For those of you under $10 million, you’re in a best and worst case scenario. You have enough capital that you no longer have to act like the small guy doing big things, BUT you are still small enough that you can’t be exactly like the BIG guys. You are at a turning point in your business. This is the time when you can choose to delegate some of your responsibilities and take the next step to the $10 million threshold… OR you will top out at your plateau.

This is where we come in. We offer you an option to delegate some of your responsibilities in a scenario that is low risk and high reward.

Let’s suppose you do $5 million per year and all of your business’s decisions are routed directly through you. That means you’re probably working approximately 60 hours per week (not including thinking time outside of the office, which will never really go away). So over the course of a year, your time generates about $1,602.57 per hour in physical labor.

Furthermore, right now that data shows that you spend 25 hours per month on your advertising and marketing.

What if you could hire a company that instantly maintains that same $1,602.57 per hour rate, and could also reduce your time spent on marketing by 15 hours per month? That gives you an extra 180 hours per year to focus on other important facets of your business. This movement alone could give your business an additional $288,462.60 in sales.

But wait, we’re going to take it one step further.

What if the company you hired typically saw a 10-20% lift in retail sales after four months of working on an account? Wouldn’t that actually give you an additional $317,308.86-$346,155.12 per year in sales on your marketing savings? Also, wouldn’t your hourly rate value raise to $1762.82 to $1,923.08 per year?

Sam Walton, Bill Gates, and Steve Jobs were all great marketers for their companies. However, their true strength was being able to craft a highly marketable brand and then letting other experts spread their message to the right marketplace. Begin your path to $10 million by speaking with a company that can 1) take over some of your responsibilities so you can focus on growing a marketable business, and 2) increasing your ROI on marketing campaigns and efforts.

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