Time to re-examine your online engagement strategy

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As the online world evolves, so must your strategy to engage visitors to your web site.  Nearly 90% of purchases now start with an online search and it is easier than ever before to search multiple sources for any given product or service.  It only makes sense to do what you can to prevent any visitor from searching competitors.  That’s where your engagement strategy comes in.

Different people like to engage in different ways.  Your strategy should include providing a variety of ways to interact while a prospect is visiting your web site.  Include easy access to these options:

Online chat

Many marketers make the mistake of viewing chat as only something that is used for technical support.  It is also an effective marketing tool when prospects are in the early stages of looking for information.  Make sure every page of your web site has a chat option and that any chat request is answered within 30 seconds.  Train reps to handle basic objections and ask for a sale or next step before disengaging.


Some people just don’t like to interact directly with reps.  So give them the option to request information VIA email.  Make sure each message is answered quickly with a request for follow-up, including arranging a phone call.

Toll free number

Yes, there are still people that like to pick up the phone and speak directly to a person.  This is less common than it used to be but still a viable engagement option.  Don’t ignore these people…talk to them instead.  Reps should be trained to provide information as requested, not give a sales pitch.

Downloads and video

Similar to email, this option is for those not seeking direct interaction.  Providing easy access to white papers or other documents and posting brief, informational videos is a way to engage with these prospects.

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