Are you talking baby talk to adult customers?

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It’s human nature to use infantile language when you “talk” to babies.  It’s even cute.  Their inability to understand gives you license to be goofy.

Marketers sometimes take a similar approach to creating messages to their customers.  No, not literally “googoo gaga” sort of talk, but language and content that (wrongly) assumes their customer audience is unable to understand a meaningful, comprehensive message.  A dose of reality is in order here.  YOUR CUSTOMERS OFTEN KNOW MORE THAN YOU DO.  After all, information on virtually every topic or product is readily available with the click on a link.  And when it comes to making an informed purchase decision your customers are doing a deep dive on all your competitors and even optional means to meet their needs.  That’s probably more research and information gathering than many marketers do when creating their messages.

When you talk baby talk to adults you look foolish.  So don’t do it.  Your customers are well equipped to absorb relevant and even complex messages.  Be factual, thorough and concise.  Use visuals, charts and graphs when needed instead of lots of words.  Avoid the tendency to use puffery to embellish the basic message.  Do these things and your customers will know they are dealing with adults just like them.

At R&A Marketing we understand the importance of creating meaningful messages crafted to meet the needs and expectations of our client’s customers.  The proof that it works is in the results.  Visit our website for testimonials and examples of our work.  Then give us a call…we’d love to have an adult conversation about your marketing needs.

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