The Next Trend In Social Media?

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Currently, most businesses believe it’s best to join every social media platform. When only Facebook and Twitter existed, it was a simple decision on which social medias to join. However, now that LinkedIn, Google+, Foursquare and Pinterest all exist, it’s vital to carefully select which social medias to use and go where there are results.

Facebook has time-and-time again proven it’s hands-down the best social media platform; it’s a powerhouse with nearly one billion users. Its massive amount of users will create marketing visibility and allow businesses that use it to be more creative than ever; flexibility and fan engagement will be become more important than ever before.

Facebook’s insurgence of users will create a lot of content visibility. In order to take control and reach the eyes of your audience, apps must be used give your audience the flexibility to interact with your page. This will also turn into a mobile trend. I am not talking about just innovation, but simply the ease of navigation through content and the ability to be engaged, such as a “share” or “like.”

Users will begin to connect with pictures and videos more than ever. For example, Pinterest’s success comes from the fact that people love visuals. The pictures themselves do not make the sale, yet they lead to the transaction because they create Website traffic. Pictures and videos tell a story, create ideas and lead to interaction.

Social media is hard to predict. Nobody knew that Mark Zuckerberg would develop such a massive online community, and there is no way to know for sure that another social medium will appear with that same affect. Today’s business is about taking risks, but maintaining true, unique content and consistency will help you succeed in any social trend.

However, like we always say. Social media alone won’t drive traffic into your store. The key to being truly successful is digging beyond the typical ad speak of retailers to spotlight your strong points and what makes you unique in a world of strong competition. This is accomplished and delivered through a fully integrated marketing plan that delivers results through sales—not impressions.

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