The R&A Marketing Difference

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Truth #1: Every business needs a marketing plan. Truth #2: There are thousands of companies that can help with your advertising, all at varying degrees and prices. Truth #3: Not all agencies will do an entire marketing strategy, with execution, for one flat rate with no contracts.

Before attempting DIY marketing or signing on with an agency, consider whether you are getting all of these benefits:

1 – Integration of Medias

There is no “all-inclusive, change your business overnight” advertising vehicle. A steady combination of medias, both old and new, is the blueprint to success in today’s marketplace. R&A Marketing has been in the advertising business since 1984, back when copying and pasting involved actual paper and glue. So we know how important it still is to utilize mailers, broadcast, radio, and newspapers to spread your message.

Based on your company’s size and services, we will determine a target audience and come up with a specific marketing strategy that combines all types of medias, from websites and social media to inserts and broadcast. We will hit your target audience with your message multiple times, driving them to action.

2 – Net Profit and Top Line Results

Anyone can grow your top line sales. Growing your top line sales while maintaining (even increasing) your margin? Now that is really growing your business.

So how does R&A do it? By grabbing the attention of qualified, ready-to-buy customers. We focus on the specific strengths that our clients offer and build marketing campaigns to showcase those services, ensuring that the customer will have a positive experience and will become loyal customers. By focusing on impact, brand awareness and urgency without using the same, tired promotions every time, we can continue to increase sales in a sustainable fashion.

3 – No Contracts. No Hidden Fees.

It sounds too good to be true, but that’s the R&A difference. You don’t have to worry about being billed for phone calls if you have questions or ideas, and you aren’t locked into a contract with high termination costs. What you do get is strategy, media planning, management, creative and digital from a team of highly trained professionals. We know that being tied down by contracts and reoccurring fees limits flexibility and growth for your company, so we choose to do things differently.

4 – Millennial IQ Combined with Tried and True Success

The consumer mindset is shifting, and it’s important that you have a team representing the next generation of consumer to help your company grow and adapt. With R&A, you get a millennial perspective, and you also get a history of advertising success and stellar customer support. R&A is a 2nd generation company that has been serving retailers since 1984 (we still have clients from the first day we opened our doors). And at R&A, we know that our greatest assets are the lessons we’ve learned from the past. By combining state-of-the-art technologies with proven marketing principles, we help businesses take control of their advertising and move their company forward. It’s what we’ve done every day for the past 30+ years.

Are you ready to elevate your advertising and take control of your brand messaging?

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