Push or pull marketing strategy? Maybe you need both…..

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When it comes to marketing there are 2 very basic core strategies.  Push marketing which focuses on the sales and distribution functions and pull marketing which focuses on the end user.  I would contend most marketers need to do both.  Here’s why.

More sales occur when end users learn of an offering that provides the features and benefits they want and need, then can easily acquire it when they want it.  First, push marketing is required to get a product into distribution.  For many marketers this means promotional efforts aimed at a distribution network with offers like floor planning, financing terms, discount incentives for quantity purchases, etc.  Other examples include things like sales contests, retail sales spiffs, or other means of incentivizing the trade to sell a product.  This is required to fill the pipeline, but the pipeline gets clogged without pull marketing.  In today’s market the consumer is in charge and efforts to sell, rather than help the consumer select what they want, will ultimately fail.

That’s why you also need to use pull marketing tactics.  Once your push marketing gets the retail floor ready, your pull marketing will drive consumers to a brick and mortar store or online to make the purchase.  You need the right message and well-targeted media, of course.  At R&A Marketing we focus on getting this done for our clients.

So push first, then pull to maximize your sales.

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