Utilizing QR Codes In Your Marketing Message

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The QR code is a tool that can easily engage a mobile user. QR Codes have begun to appear on the sides of buses, magazine pages, on television screens, on billboards and even on Facebook. QR means “Quick Response”. The code allows  decoded by devices like mobile phones that can scan and then quickly open website links right on the phone automatically.

Initially, a viewer uses the photo function on a smartphone to scan the code. By using a scanning app, the code triggers a number of possibilities from adding the contact information in the code to your phone or directing you to a webpage.

Another important element of QR codes is ensuring the customer is lead to information that is most relevant. For > example, directing your QR code to a current promotion you are running or directing a customer to a sweepstakes.

With that being said, these codes are a perfect tool to use to enhance great ads. Using a QR code in a catalog or magazine ad means you don’t have to clutter the ad as much.

Consumers want easy access to what is relevant and QR codes are being used to make that possible. As marketers in today’s world are job is allow for multiple access points for the consumer on their time—not ours.

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