Enhance Your Furniture Marketing Strategies Part 3

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As a home furnishings owner and retailer, you know that effective marketing requires a multi-pronged strategy to reach consumers. However, enhancing those strategies in a meaningful way can seem daunting. You may feel that your current messaging and channels are already saturated. But with some thoughtful planning, you can layer in new angles that complement and build upon your existing efforts. In this article, we provide a five-step plan to refine your furniture marketing approach. Throughout this series you will be given specific steps and action items that will allow you to  strengthen your messaging and expand your reach while maintaining simplicity across platforms.

Part 1: Conduct an Audit of Your Current Furniture Marketing Strategies

Part 2: Define Your Target Audience and Ideal Customer Profile

Part 3: Develop New Messaging That Aligns With Your Furniture Branding Strategies

Part 4: Identify Additional Marketing Channels to Expand Your Reach

Part 5: Continually Test and Optimize Your Furniture Marketing Strategies (going live on March 30th at 8 AM EST)

Part 3: Develop New Messaging That Aligns With Your Furniture Branding Strategies

Develop 3-5 key messages that communicate your brand’s value proposition, competitive advantage, and target audience. Ensure these messages are consistent across all your marketing channels. For example, if you position your brand as high-quality yet affordable, focus your messaging on words like “value,” “durable,” and “accessibility.”

Match Your Tone and Voice

Your messaging tone and voice should match your brand. If you brand yourself as an innovative, forward-thinking company, have an energetic and bold tone. If your brand is more traditional, use a formal and polished voice. Your messaging should resonate with your target customers.

High Impact and Memorable

Effective messaging is impactful and memorable. Use emotive language and visuals that make an impression. Memorable taglines, slogans or calls-to-action encourage customers to take action. For example, a high-impact tagline for a luxury furniture brand could be “Indulge Your Senses.”

Syndicate Your Messaging

The key to enhancing your marketing strategies is to syndicate your messaging across platforms in a coordinated fashion. Deploy your key messages, slogans and calls-to-action on your website, social media, email marketing, advertising and any other channels you use to reach customers. Consistent exposure to your messaging will increase brand recall and loyalty.

To Sum It Up:

Your messaging and marketing materials are the foundation of your brand. To enhance your furniture marketing strategies, examine your current messaging and see if it aligns with your brand positioning and persona.

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