Enhance Your Furniture Marketing Strategies Part 2

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As a home furnishings owner and retailer, you know that effective marketing requires a multi-pronged strategy to reach consumers. However, enhancing those strategies in a meaningful way can seem daunting. You may feel that your current messaging and channels are already saturated. But with some thoughtful planning, you can layer in new angles that complement and build upon your existing efforts. In this article, we provide a five-step plan to refine your furniture marketing approach. Throughout this series you will be given specific steps and action items that will allow you to  strengthen your messaging and expand your reach while maintaining simplicity across platforms.

Part 1: Conduct an Audit of Your Current Furniture Marketing Strategies

Part 2: Define Your Target Audience and Ideal Customer Profile

Part 3: Develop New Messaging That Aligns With Your Furniture Branding Strategies

Part 4: Identify Additional Marketing Channels to Expand Your Reach

Part 5: Continually Test and Optimize Your Furniture Marketing Strategies (going live on March 30th at 8 AM EST)

Part 2: Define Your Target Audience and Ideal Customer Profile

Current Consumer

Take a hard look at who has been buying from you in the last 12 months. Where do they live? What have they bought? Have they bought from you before? There are lot of learnings we can gain from a customer we sell in a tough environment verses the customer we sell in a good one.

Where are they eating?

While you may be marketing to potential furniture buyers, understanding where a potential target eats assigns their preference for cost, look, style and environment. Get the device information of some of the busiest restaurants in your market or adjacent markets to see what the composition of those people are and how it relates to your customer base.

Develop Buyer Personas

From your research, create detailed buyer personas representing your ideal target audiences. Give each persona a name, photo, bio, attributes, pain points, and goals. These personified profiles help ensure your marketing campaigns will resonate with the real people you aim to reach. Review and revise your buyer personas regularly based on interactions and feedback.

To Sum it Up:

With a clear vision of your target end consumers, you can develop compelling messaging and content that motivates them to choose your brand.

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