Does Your Store Environment Attract the Customer Today?

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Have you figured out how your store environment can capture the customer today and give you an advantage over anyone else in your trading area.

There are obvious facts about the customer interaction today outside of your walls:

  1. 52% off of all American age 12 and up have a social media network.
  2. 90% say they have a better shopping experience when they research products online before shopping in the store.
  3. Traditional Media’s are declining at rapid rates in comparison to online medias.
    1. Source:  Harris Interactive Poll and 2009 Nelisen Yearly Review

Most retailers, in reaction to this data have upgraded their online profiles over the last three years.  However, there is only a small portion retail sales being contributed from online channels.  Most retail sales still come via a storefront.

Knowing this data what have you done to enhance your store environment to attract a customer today?

In Store Environment Tool:  Internet Cafe

Currently this blog post is being written courtesy of Free Wi-Fi at a local car dealership in Columbus, OH.  If we take note of the facts that are mentioned above about the customers habits when it comes to online mediums, we need to take into account how the internet has shaped the everyday life of what we live in:

  1. It only took 28 days for iPad sales to reach 1 million units sold
  2. 48% of iPhone users search the web on their mobile devices
    1. Source:  Comscore.com, the industry leader in online data tracking

The mobile nature of today’s society has overtaken our everyday conversations and interactions.  In most store locations due to the way the buildings were constructed it can be difficult to receive adequate 3G or 4G service to get internet connections.  In those situations a smart phone or tablet user depends on receiving Wi-Fi through the location they are in.

Do you offer this customer satisfaction tool in your store environment?

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