Create Engaging Facebook Posts in 5 Simple Steps

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Have you been trying and trying to connect with customers on Facebook, only to find that just a handful of people are engaging with your posts? These days, that’s not uncommon for a business. As more and more companies are flooding newsfeeds with organic and sponsored posts, it can be hard for posts to get attention. At R&A Marketing we’ve been posting to Facebook on behalf of our clients since 2009, so we’ve picked up a few tips and tricks over the years on how to create engaging Facebook Posts. And now we’re sharing them with you!



Limit the text in your posts, aiming for 30 words or less. You don’t have much time to get your customer’s attention, so you need to make every word count. Short posts get 23% more interaction.




Images are crucial to getting your point across in Facebook marketing. At R&A we like to incorporate special prices and offers onto the images to make it easy for customers to take in the information. Images can get up to 39% more interactions.


Even images you take with your smartphone can look good on Facebook! This is a good way to spread the word about special deals on the floor:




Photos are great, but sometimes you need a video or gif to really stand out. A product montage with professional, manufacturer photos can help spread the word about new arrivals, or a simple smartphone video taken in your store can showcase clearance items and markdowns.  More than 45% of people watch more than an hour of video on Facebook and Youtube a week. These medias can really help boost engagement on your Facebook posts.


Sometimes the best thing you can do for your business is let your customer speak for you. If a customer takes a photo or video of their new purchase, ask them if you could share their post with your Facebook Business Page. Or if someone leaves a glowing review on your page, turn it into a beautiful image to make sure lots of people read it!




If you haven’t updated the cover art or profile pic for your Facebook page in a while, you should do so. It’s an easy way to create a post and make your page more relevant! This is also a good time to make sure that any contact information for your store is up-to-date and the hours are accurate. These little conveniences are important to making it easy for your customers to shop.

Don’t let low engagement on Facebook discourage you from using Facebook Ads and organic posts. The more you post to your page and interact with your audience by replying to comments and answering Facebook messenger, the more your organic posts will show up in your customers’ newsfeeds. Just keep producing relevant content to keep the ball rolling!

R&A Marketing has been working with furniture retailers since 1984. We’ve helped businesses like yours through good times and bad and know all the tricks for creating high-quality leads. The WHY and the need are different for every retailer. But the one thing that binds us together is the common goal of success. Discover WHY furniture retailers hire R&A to “take you from where you are, to where you want to go”.

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