5 Digital Tools You Should Start Using Today

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This is the good stuff.

Listed below are five sure fire tools or approaches you can leverage to give you success in today’s competitive and complicated advertising market. 

  1. IP Targeting

IP address targeting is a method in which marketers can target specific devices with messages. Here’s how it works: every single device that connects to the internet (a computer or laptop, smartphone, tablet, and any other smart device) has a unique IP address. So when you target by IP address, you are making sure that the exact person you want to view your ads is the one seeing them.

So rather than blasting display ads to every single person in your city (and paying a lot to do so), it makes more sense to utilize your direct mailing list to target the same IP addresses. Then you can deliver a personalized message that appeals directly to the target customer as it relates to style, budget, and messaging. Because you already know who these customers are, you don’t have to guess about which messages and offers will appeal to them. For example, if your DM list targets customers with a high median salary you can send them ads about high-quality products to increase your average ticket price.

  1. Retargeting

The idea behind retargeting is this: consumers are bombarded by advertisements, especially in a digital setting. Forbes suggests that a person may see anywhere between 4,000 and 10,000 digital ads in a single day. So in order for your ads to stick out, your customer needs to see them on multiple platforms at different points in the day. Retargeting is a tool that allows marketers and business owners to follow the same person to different digital platforms and show them ads throughout their online journey.

This is done by following the customer by IP addresses or by linked social media accounts. So if someone is logged into their Facebook account on their phone, you can also target them on their tablet. And if a customer sees your display ad on one website, we can retarget them on a different website because they are using the same IP address. And, as stated previously, because we know the demographics of the people you are targeting and retargeting, you can send them highly relevant messages and offers that will eventually get their attention.

  1. Platforms that leverage Attribution

Don’t run vehicles where you can’t track back the success of how many people who were served the ads verses people who bought from you. Utilize your CRM data to ensure that who your provider said the ads were going to be served to are being served too. Based on the success rate (good or bad) it begins to shape into form where you need to spend additional ad dollars to generate more revenue or where you need to pull back because it isn’t delivering the ROI you desire.

  1. Event Marketing

Event marketing utilizes the same idea as geofencing to target a specific location, but it is also time-dependent. For instance, you could use geofencing to target a sporting arena while the game is happening. This allows you to reach a large number of people even though you are focusing your ad dollars on a very small radius. Here are some ideas of events that you could focus on:

  • Sporting events, fitness competitions, school teams
  • Performing arts: opera, theatre, musicals
  • Fairs: state fairs, carnivals, Oktoberfest, craft fairs
  • Community & cultural events
  • Fundraisers & benefits
  • Parades

Although you may be reaching customers outside of your normal demographic, you can utilize these events for brand awareness and capture the social media accounts or IP addresses of new customers that engage with your ads. Then you can retarget them with more specific information and offers down the road and convert new audiences into paying customers.

  1. 1st Party Data Connected TV

Stop settling for the left over inventory. Narrow in your audience, pay more for the premium content that is out there and give yourself the best chance at getting your ideal customer. As the price point for furniture continues to increase, our target customer is only going to be more affluent and have more dollars. Leverage free platforms like Pluto and Tubi are not going to set us up to get the best customer walking through the door.


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