What Does Your Company Culture Have To Do With Marketing?

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One week ago R&A hosted our annual Round Table, and we can honestly say that thanks to Chris Ihrig of Fired! Culture as well as our amazing clients and staff we are definitely Fired Up!

This year’s Round Table topics centered around the idea of building a company culture that will help your business to thrive and grow. If you weren’t able to attend, you may be wondering how company culture can affect your marketing strategy. The sort answer is: a positive company culture motivates your staff to advocate for and embody your company’s core values which will help you attract and retain customers.

The slightly longer answer is:

Company culture is the expression of your business’s principles, leadership, and expectations. If your culture is weak in any of these areas, your staff will be left directionless and unenthusiastic about their role in your business. Not only will they feel unable to reach their full potential, but they won’t feel any incentive to do so. This is a big deal because your staff is the face of your company. As much as we would all like to think that we as business owners are the face of our company, the fact is that our customers have the most interaction with the people who are on the floor every day, answering the phones, and delivering our goods. If our staff isn’t motivated to provide the absolute best customer experience at every level of service, your customers may be left with a bad impression of your company. Even the best marketing in the world cannot overcome poor customer experience.

So how do you generate a company culture that Fires Up your staff? First and foremost you need to make sure that everyone on staff feels safe. Every person should believe that they are in a place where they can express opinions and even make the occasional mistake without fearing resentment from a supervisor or coworker. Collaboration between departments can help everyone understand how their specific roles ultimately affect other people and the business as a whole, plus it will allow your staff to empathize with each other and inspire them to help one another. Ask your staff what tools they need to do their jobs better and what you can do to improve their skill set. If you prove that you have vested interest in your staff’s well being, you’ll find that your staff will in turn do more for you and your company.

If you’re interested in joining our continuing conversation about how we can all improve our company culture, email info@ramarketing.com. We’d love to hear what you are doing to Fire Up your staff and your ideas for the future!

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