We Live In A World Of Mobile Technology… Get Over It!

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We’ve all heard it. We read about it every day. We live in a world of mobile technology. However, it’s not the technology that’s mobile, it’s the people using the technology. Consumers now have access to unlimited amounts of information, no matter where they are. So by understanding and embracing the way a consumer shops and absorbs information, you help your business reach and bring in customers that are ready to purchase rather than shop.

Here are three ways are you can start embracing technology instead of fighting it.

1 – Allow Ms. Jones to shop the way she wants to shop

Ms. Jones now has the capability to research whenever and however she wants on her mobile device. She can search reviews, read blogs, find inspiration on Pinterest, and pose questions to her social network on Facebook. With all this information available at her fingertips, we as retailers need to be present on all the sites she visits. The average consumer takes in over 3,000 market messages per day. If we aren’t providing a powerful message on the sites where she goes to do her research, we’ll be forgotten when she’s ready to make a purchase. However, you want to make sure that all your brand statements present the same marketing messages and offers across all social medias. If your message isn’t cohesive, Ms. Jones will think that your information is inaccurate and won’t trust your business. 

2 – Equip Your Team With Technology

The world is driven by technology, so why aren’t you? If you don’t equip your team with the mobile devices they need to keep up with a constant influx of new information, your customers will be frustrated that you aren’t prepared. It should be easy for Ms. Jones to give you the contact information of her choosing. If she prefers email, texting, Facebook, or Twitter, you should be able to send her information across these medias. This is how she chooses to communicate, so why are you trying to communicate with her differently? Also, the customer understands that your staff may need to look up answers occasionally, but they shouldn’t have to run clear to the back of the showroom to do so. Work with your manufactures, your point of sale technology team, and your sales people to create a culture of quick information so your customers feel like their time is valued.

3 – Establish Better Customer Service with Two-Way Communication

Today’s customers know what looks they want and how much it should cost before they walk through your door. They saw a picture on Pinterest, looked up product reviews online, researched why one mattress is better than another, then asked their friends where to shop on Facebook. They’re coming to you equipped with knowledge of the best prices and deals they can get at other stores, so you need so you need to convince them that your store can provide the absolute best customer service. You can only do that if you know what your customer really wants, and mobile marketing allows you to learn what that is. One thing customers love about social media and other online services is the two-way communication. Answer their questions in the Facebook comments. Listen when they leave reviews on Yelp. Establish a connection with design tips on a blog. Try to anticipate what Ms. Jones wants from her retailer and make sure you and your staff know how to provide the best customer service possible.

When it comes to technology, you have the option to embrace it or fight it. By accepting that our customers live and communicate through technology, you will set up your business for success in the years to come.

Kevin Doran is the Co-Owner of R&A Marketing. Armed with more than 30 years of furniture retail marketing experience, R&A Marketing works with retailers in the home furnishings, appliances, and electronics industries. Email info@ramarketing.com for more information.

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