The Next Trend In Social Media?

Currently, most businesses believe it’s best to join every social media platform. When only Facebook and Twitter existed, it was a simple decision on which social medias to join. However, now that LinkedIn, Google+, Foursquare and Pinterest all exist, it’s vital to carefully select which social medias to use and go where there are results. […]

Quick-Fire Marketing – Bedding Is Booming

Ignite your marketing with mattress dedicated advertising and online traffic to drive sales Bedding is Booming: As expected, bedding and mattresses continue to be a very strong category among retailers. It’s also a sure-fire category to leverage some old-school media to help drive results. Utilize newspaper ads and circulation distribution via the newspaper to help […]

Online vs. Offline Marketing

Online vs. Offline Marketing (They do not have to work against each other but can work with each other to equal success) One of the many tasks that all retailers are facing is how to utilize both online and offline marketing tactics in their overall marketing strategy, thus helping increase their sales. There are numerous […]

Opening up a can…

Six months ago Honda decided it would get social. Their new Crosstour design was to debut exclusively on a Facebook page. They put in product features, photos, and design differences from competitiors hoping to open up their world to social media users.

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