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We got a Wii. Now instead of twiddling our thumbs on a joystick, we putt, bowl, swing, spar and serve with our whole bodies. Our little legless avatars look just like us, putting us right in the middle of the game and driving our competitive spirit. I’m telling you, youll need physical therapy and a good massage after a few hours playing on that thing. We go to bed sore and wake up stiff, yet the relentless Wii offers a daily fitness test to measure our stamina.

How would you do if the same test was offered at work?

Why do you push forward day after day? What makes you get up and put on your shoes and eat your breakfast and go open the store, even when you absolutely hate it?

You might not like the situation or even your life, but something in your heart pushes you onward. You can see beyond the pale into a new day. You remember a time when the keys jangling in your pocket felt like pride and authority and freedom, not like a dead weight threatening to pull you under. And you know that day will come again. Youre more afraid of what might happen if you just quit than what will happen if you stay the course. You know a part of you would die.

Stamina. It helps you push forward and fight for your needs in the pursuit of your particular brand of happiness. If you have no stamina, no strength in love or life or circumstances, you might as well just give up and quit.

Tap into that strength to get through those times when you dont want to get off the couch or do laundry or keep your doors open when the economy is terrible. Fight for it.

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