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She used to go to the spa. Once or twice a year she’d spend a day having her hair and nails done, and maybe a facial. It was better with friends.

Now she goes to the corner drugstore. Her highlights have faded but she still covers the gray, and her nails sport the short, natural look.

Maybe you used to have your car washed every week but now you do it in the driveway. Maybe your beach vacation will be at a local lake this year. We’re all making concessions during this recession, and Ms. Jones is no exception.

But there are certain things that will always sell well, even in a recession. “Sales of alcohol, movie tickets and ice cream will increase,” says Roy Williams of the Wizard Academy. What does this mean for your business, especially if your average ticket is considerably larger than that of a two-scoop turtle sundae?

Ms. Jones must get as much of a thrill from her personal experience in your store as she does at the salon or the saloon. Every moment, every interaction, every touch point must touch the pleasure centers of her economically starved brain. Focus on her feeling, but never at the expense of her rationale. She still has to justify why she spent her scant disposable income on your scintillating offer.

There is a time and a place for conversations about product, price points and promotions; but think for a moment about pure pleasure. Do you serve Ms. Jones a margarita or a migraine?

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