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Special events – some love to plan them, others hate the very thought of them.

Planning special events can be a pain, from setting a date to finding a venue, but if you remember the five Ps when planning your event, it will be as smooth as butter.

What are the five Ps, you ask? Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance.

Seems simple enough, right? Well, it is. When planning events, the more prepared you are before the event, the easier it is on you. It is never too early to start planning. There is really no set date on when to start planning an event. Most of the time, people forget the simplest things like calling the caterer with a final headcount a week before the event, staying in constant contact with the chosen venue for the event and writing yourself reminders of all that needs to be done.

Here’s a golden rule of event planning, plan as if the event is tomorrow, instead of two months from now. What I like to do is to always be a day ahead. If the caterer needs a final headcount on Tuesday, I call them on Monday. If I need to finalize things with the event coordinator at my chosen venue on Friday, I call them on Thursday.

Calling the caterer and choosing a venue is just part of the planning process, there is also entertainment, decorations, invitations and the list goes on. Is it possible for one person to do it all? Yes, but it’s not realistic.

Do the one thing that many people hate to do (me included): ASK FOR HELP! This will help you from going gray at 25 and prevent those sleepless nights causing the bags under your eyes.

These are just a few ways to make your event planning easier. Special events, if planned correctly they can help improve your business tremendously.

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