Pros and Cons of Mobile Marketing

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Have you considered a mobile marketing campaign? Facts are facts; there are more people in the world that own a cell phone than a toothbrush (source: Mobile Marketing Association of Asia). Below are some pros and cons of mobile marketing that you may consider as you decide whether a mobile campaign is right for you.


  • Your audience is likely to be carrying their mobile devices with them in a standby state, they are more likely to receive and absorb the message on the spot.
  • Creating content for mobile devices is relatively inexpensive when compared to desktop or laptop systems.
  • Mobile campaigns can prove more convenient than traditional media, as the content is kept down to a minimum.
  • Mobile connectivity can make sharing information a breeze. Not only does Mobile Marketing have massive viral potential, but also planning a campaign to go offline and then return online can attract others to get involved.
  • Marketers can receive feedback instantly, leading to a valuable conversation.
  • Tracking and reporting is easy, effective, and instantaneous as long as your network provider is up to speed with technology.
  • Mobile elements can be easily integrated and incorporated into current campaigns.


  • Mobile phones are not standard creating issues dealing with screen sizes, operations and browsing.
  • Privacy is always in question on any network or device. Marketers offer clear instructions for opting out of marketing communications.
  • The mobile phone is small creating questionable navigation. This can become more of an exercise than
    casual browsing.
  • Ad campaigns that are not relevant to audiences and/or are bad can back-fire because mobiles are so personal and users don’t want to be interrupted with advertising they dislike
  • Often features and apps are complicated to use and take time and interest to learn

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