Prediction: Industry Marketing Trends of 2019

Prediction: Industry Marketing Trends of 2019

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We asked our team what they predicted the marketing trends in our industry would be this year…

You will be surprised by which marketing tools and techniques are going to be popular in 2019! Our accounts and strategy teams have put together a list of trends—based on market research and experience—that they use to guide marketing strategies for the upcoming year. Here’s a sneak peek:

What was old is new again! The resurgence of print

That’s right, everyone from the small independent retailer to big box and department stores are utilizing inserts and other printed pieces more and more in 2019! When consumers are bombarded with digital ads all day long, there is something special about holding a piece of beautiful advertising in-hand. Marriage mail is a great tool that small businesses can use to reduce the cost of postage so you can reach your customer and stretch your advertising dollar. It is a great cost-effective approach to mass media.

Looking at future customers with text-based marketing

Right now everyone is scrambling to get the attention of the millennial market, which is important for ensuring the future of your business. But at R&A, we’re already looking ahead to Gen Z. This generation is responding well to text-based marketing, even more-so than millennials. It may be time to dust off this tool and start incorporating text messages as part of your campaign again!

Video Marketing in 2019

Without a doubt, video was the hottest trend in 2018, and it will continue to flourish in 2019. Views of branded video content increased by 258% between 2016 and 2017 on Facebook alone.  How can you ignore numbers like that? Our team predicts the relationship between video and SEO will continue to tighten.  In a survey done by Wozowl, they share how consumers and marketing professionals plan on utilizing video this year:

  • YouTube: 88 percent of marketers say they plan to use it in 2019.
  • Facebook: 78 percent of marketers plan to use Facebook Video in 2019.
  • Instagram: 67 percent say they plan to use Instagram video in 2019.
  • Twitter: 43 percent plan to use Twitter video in 2019.
  • Snapchat: Just 10 percent plan to use it in 2019.

It is hard to ignore a trend that produces higher conversion rates and gives you a strong ROI. It may be time to incorporate video content marketing into your strategy.

Online TV Ads

As more and more people utilize the internet to watch their favorite TV shows, it only makes sense to show your TV ads on those streaming services. OTT or over the top television programming refers to any television program that is aired over the internet, regardless of whether that is a mobile or desktop device. This could include Hulu, Sling TV, Netflix, Amazon Video and more. At R&A, we purchase on-demand spots for our clients in addition to traditional broadcast media. This ensures that our retailers are reaching their customers wherever they are!

Have you noticed any new digital marketing trends or media success and failures in your market? As a small business, it’s important to be flexible with ad dollars so you can adapt to changes in your area. We’d love to hear what’s working (or not working) for you! Then you can create a smart strategy that leads to real results!


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