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When financing new furniture, Ms. Jones used to ask herself if she could squeeze another $19 bucks out of her budget. That doesn’t seem too hard, does it? It wasn’t, so she did.

Fast forward a few years through a recession or depression – whatever you want to call it. Finance companies have dried up and credit is hard to come by. So are consumers. Ms. Jones looks at the bottom line on big ticket sales. She knows she’s going to eat the whole enchilada.

“The era of unbridled, debt-financed consumer spending is over,” says economist Eric Janszen. Ms. Jones’ bridled buying is for her needs and not her wants.

In depressions of days gone by, successful companies endured by promoting value and utility instead of luxury and brand. Ms. Jones cares more about a family dinner table than a fancy designer label.

She will still shop and spend for her needs, while her wants wait. Do you have what she needs? Or are you all about the offer?

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