Your New Year’s Online Checklist

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After a whirlwind of sales and promotions for the holiday season, it’s tempting to take some time to relax and enjoy the calm after the storm. But we think that the best thing you can do after a period of success is to use that momentum and keep your business growing. So we’ve created a short checklist that you can use to make sure that your online presences are up-to-date and ready to invite new and existing customer back to your store! It’s an easy way to keep the ball rolling for all of 2017!

1) Google for Business

Hopefully you’re already signed up for My Business on Google, but if you aren’t, then you need to drop everything and sign up now. Visit this page to Sign In or Start Now. Once you’ve claimed or created your business, you can update the information like your hours, website, contact information, and images. This information will pop up every time someone searches for your store on Google, Google Maps and Google+… talk about convenient! Your customers will know whether your store is open when they’re looking it up and they can get directions with a single button! 

If you’ve already signed up for My Business, take this time to double check that all of your information is still correct. Nothing irritates a customer more than bad directions or a disconnected phone line. You can also update your images to make sure that you’re putting your best foot forward.

2) Facebook

It’s also important to make sure your information is updated on your Facebook page. And don’t worry, even if your kids and nieces or nephews are saying that everyone is on Snapchat or Instagram instead of Facebook, the reality is that Facebook is still the best place to reach your target audience. With over 1.65 billion users, Facebook has a demographic reach better than any other social platform. In fact, according to SnapRetail, 71% of teenagers are on Facebook compared to 52% on Instagram and 41% on Snapchat! And the older the generation, the more likely they are to be on Facebook compared to other social medias. 

So don’t spend your time chasing the next big platform, just make sure that your Facebook page is up to date and set aside some time once or twice a week to take photos around the store and post them to your page with a link to information about your latest deals and sale. The images are key to your Facebook success because posts with images receive 53% more likes and 84% more link clicks than posts without images (source). And don’t forget to reply to comments and messages! After all, social media is all about engaging with your customers!

3) Website

Most importantly, make sure that your information is 100% accurate on your website. Customers treat a business’s website as the ultimate authority for hours, addresses, contact information, and general knowledge about a store. If your website is giving customers inaccurate information, they will become frustrated and might not even visit your store. You should also make sure that these three pieces of information are featured prominently on your website: your address, a way to contact your store, and your current off or promotion. Google and Facebook are a popular way for customers to learn about your business because they make pertinent information easily accessible. Your website should do the same.

Now that your web pages are all up to date you can take a moment to feel good about the start of a New Year. But we won’t let you rest for long! At R&A we believe that every month, every week is important to the health of your business. If you feel like your online presences are holding you back or you aren’t sure what to do to grow your business in 2017, just give us a call. We’d love to look at your business and set up a meeting to recommend a plan that is tailored to your needs!

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