Why You Need an Advertising Agency

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What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of an advertising agency? Is it large, expensive ad campaigns? Giant corporations? Or maybe an impersonal business that will nickel and dime you for every phone call and every minute spent on a project? A lot of people feel this way, but the truth can be very different. In reality, businesses of any size can benefit from advertising agencies. There are infinite reasons why an advertising agency is the best move for your company, and we have wrangled five of the best ones below:

1 – You Need a Fresh Perspective to Grow

You know your company best. While this is a wonderful thing, it often (and understandably) leads to a biased view and an unmoving stance on what is best for the future and growth of your business. Just like a doctor should not diagnose himself with a disease or prescribe his own treatment, any business owner needs a consult and a second opinion from time to time.

An advertising agency can offer an outside, objective viewpoint that opens your eyes to different potential solutions you’ve never considered. Agencies have the benefit of working with multiple businesses, often in different places throughout the country, and they help see what practices work really well to help a business succeed, and which ones hold them back.

2 – A Cohesive Team Means Quality, Unified Results

It’s possible to hire multiple freelance workers to handle different aspects of your publicity; one for social media, one for design, another for radio and broadcast, etc. And while it seems like you could get professional work done for less money, you’d be missing out on a great opportunity for your company. Advertising is not always the same as building a solid brand, especially if your ads are managed by different parties who don’t work as a single unit.

Advertising agencies have individuals who each have specific talents that can combine forces to create a team of experts. And since they work together daily, they know how to best utilize each others’ skills to best benefit their clients and how to meet tight deadlines under pressure. Under one roof, they use their combined industry knowledge and experience to bounce ideas off each other, evolving your campaign into the best form and putting your business in the best possible light.

3 – Advertising Agencies Can Hook You Up

If you’ve thought about managing your own advertising as a business owner, your second thought was probably, “Where do I start?”

Advertising agencies have all the connections and resources to make your campaign successful and cost-efficient. They know how to place ads and make ads, and already have the digital programs necessary to create them. Also, agencies have relationships with other companies and organizations that help get the job done. You don’t have to worry about or provide a thing—they have you covered.

4 – Your Advertising Budget Needs Revising

Even though you’re a pro at money management within your company, advertising is a totally different ballgame. To get truly outstanding results from your marketing campaigns, you need to know whether you’re spending too much on certain aspects or not spending enough in others.

Advertising agencies know how to get the biggest bang for your buck when it comes to marketing. Having dealt with many different types of companies and money limitations, an advertising agency will understand and implement the best money management for your specific type of business, maximizing your audience while lessening the blow on your bank account.

5 – You’re Up to a Million

Trust us—we know running a business is hard work, especially once you are up to a million dollars in sales. You have to worry about a slew of different things that eat up your time, pulling you in a thousand different directions. That’s where an advertising agency can step in to lighten the load. By taking care of every aspect of your marketing, you are freed to worry about the things that you do best. They’ll handle their job so that you can handle yours.

Whether you work with a limited in-house team or you would like to expand beyond your current marketing strategy, the thought of hiring an advertising agency has probably crossed your mind. Are you limiting your business by doing your own promotions? Is now the time to finally make the jump to approach an agency? Yes and yes! Agencies help a business owners take control of their company and create cohesive, cost-effective marketing strategies. So when it comes to your business, agencies are a win-win!

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