It’s Not Down or Up! It’s Up & Down!

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Many in the marketing world, including those in advertising who have shaped the way marketing messages are developed, feel today’s marketing is an “either or scenario.” Either you go online, or you go offline. 

As black and white as that philosophy sounds, it’s not how our consumer operates. Consider your average day. You go to work and check your email, open up letters with bills, have phone conversations with manufacturer reps and check Facebook to see what your friends are doing. Since you utilize both online and offline media daily, why should we neglect Ms. Jones by only speaking to her one way instead of another?

The difference between online and offline media is not the vehicle, but more in the conversation.

Neither of these philosophies exclusively helps out a furniture retailer. Because of the nature of our long buying cycle, we must strive to always acquire new customers. However, in acquiring new customers it’s vital to communicate with them after the purchase to ensure the next time they buy—it’s from us.So how do you build up an online following while maintaining a traditional traffic cycle?Place the two processes next to each other and integrate them.

The goal is to acquire new customers while at the same time maintaining them for the long term. But how can you do this?

Run an integrated promotion that requires participation in social media to gain access to a special or featured product. Then you will obtain new traffic while getting closer to converting them and keeping them on your social networks to continue the conversation. You will then begin leveraging the two ways to communicate to a customer while simultaneously growing your sales.

Focusing on “either or” will lead you to the same spot most are in today—neither.

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