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One of the primary advantages online marketing provides VS traditional off line marketing efforts is the ability you have to track results and adjust campaigns on a real-time basis.  You also have the ability to improve the content used in your online campaigns in order to generate better results.  Here are some tips you can use to make sure your content is as good as it should, and can, be.

Clear call to action

You can have a compelling message and/or offer, but if it is not clear what action you want the customer to take your results will fall short.  It also should be easy to respond so make sure your campaign is mobile friendly.

Compelling messaging

Without a message that draws attention and maintains interest your campaign will fall flat.  Do these things to make sure your message will perform:

  • Know your audience.  Find out what interests them and how they like to interact.  Speak to those interests and you will engage readers.
  • Support claims with proof statements.  Testimonials, research, etc. gives your message credibility.
  • Be factual but conversational.  Tell a story.
  • Statistics are great but can be dull…spice them up using graphics.
  • Another benefit of online campaigns is your ability your message to specific audiences.  This increases salience and encourages engagement.

Use designated landing pages

Once you have the right “hook” and generate a response, you must deliver the desired information immediately.  A good landing page allows you to do this without asking the respondent to do further search to get what they want.  You also can customize landing pages for specific audiences.  Make sure there is a link to your main site.

A picture is worth….

…a thousand words. Everyone can finish this statement because it is universally true.  Use photos, video, and other graphics to create the imagery that reinforces the message.

Constantly test and monitor every online campaign

Yet another huge advantage for online marketers.  You can quickly and easily test different messages, offers, targets, etc.  Make sure you clearly define what you want to measure then create a plan to get the information.  Use the analytical tools provided by Google and other platforms.

At R&A Marketing we have a process that integrates effective online and traditional marketing campaigns to maximize results for our clients.

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