How Content Marketing Can Help Your Business

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Whether you realize it or not, you’re probably already engaging in some form of content marketing for your business. But are you doing it the right way?

Content Marketing refers to the materials that you create and share online that aren’t directly related to promotions. If you have a Facebook page and you post images from your store, that’s an example of content marketing. Blog posts, videos, website pages, emails, e-newsletters, and other social media posts are other forms of content marketing that businesses use to generate awareness and interest.

By creating posts that are designed to provide information rather than a sales pitch, companies can encourage their customer base to engage with them in a way that feels organic and natural. This type of positive interaction is valuable because it encourages brand-loyalty over time.

In addition to creating sales-driven campaigns for our clients, the team of Digital Brand Managers at R&A Web Plus create great content to use on custom websites and social media accounts. Here are a few examples of content marketing that our retailers utilize:

1. Blog Posts

By posting blog articles related to interior design and sleep tips, our furniture and mattress retailers are able to demonstrate their knowledge and authority in their industry. Additionally, these articles provide information to their audience on a basis of goodwill. And if you can provide value to a customer when they are still in the stages of researching a product to purchase, you increase the likelihood that they will purchase from your company further down the line. Check out these examples:

  1. A) Sectionals 101: What You Should Know Before Buying a Sectional
  2. B) How Adjustable Bases Can Alleviate 5 Health Concerns

 2. Interactive Facebook Posts

Although Facebook is a great tool to let your community know about sales on your showroom floor, the best way to reach your audience is to create a lot of engaging content organically. Check out this poll R&A created for a client as they discussed the possibility of a new logo and wanted to get the input of their community:

Simple photos about new arrivals are also powerful images that show well on social media:

And you can really provide value to social media followers by offering them extra savings for mentioning a post they saw online:

And because video content performs so well on social media, video has become an integral part of any content marketing strategy.

3. Custom Websites and Web Pages

A website is the heart of a good Content Marketing strategy because it is the main hub that houses multiple forms of content. It can also work to drive customers along a conversion path by providing information that informs a buying decision and then shows them a special sale or discount. These pages are good examples of informative landing pages:

  1. A) England at Hampton Furniture
  2. B) Custom Design at Garden City Furniture

How to create an achievable Content Marketing strategy?

The best way to begin delving into the world of content marketing is to come up with a few ideas for informative and interest content, and then repurpose it across multiple channels. For example, a single blog post about the latest industry trends could then turn into a short video that is shared on social media, and might even make a great landing page that you could drive your audience to through email marketing. This way you can reach different audiences through multiple channels with one simple idea!


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