Digital Advertising: Mobile Or Desktop?

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If you are asking yourself this question, congratulations!  It means you are beginning to understand that there are differences in the way digital advertising messages are consumed based on the device that delivers the message.  The marketplace gives you a good indication of the trends.  In 2016 total digital advertising budgets increased a robust 22% to $72.5 billion and set a new record for the category.  For the first time, most (51%) was spent on mobile devices VS desktop, an even more robust 77% increase over the prior year!  When you review your own digital advertising strategy it would be well to follow that age-old sage advice…follow the money.

There are many reasons for this spending trend toward mobile.  Smartphones today have so much computing power that consumers are carrying access to any product/purchase information they want in their pocket (or purse).  Mobile advertising gives your message exposure to consumers during any point of contact in the purchase cycle 24/7.  And consumers are taking advantage of the convenience spending 2.8 hours per day on mobile digital media VS 2.4 hours on desktop.  The trend line suggests this will increase in the years to come.  Research by online media firms and social media providers provide additional statistical evidence in favor of mobile digital advertising:

  • Advertising message recall and recognition increase among mobile users due to the more personal/intimate nature of the exposure and “ownership” of the screen
  • Nearly 60% of mobile/tablet users search for products weekly VS 37% of desktop users
  • More than 50% of mobile users use their device to compare prices VS 34% of desktop users
  • As for the bottom line, 35% of mobile users buy products they have searched at least once per week VS 15% of desktop users, outspend desktop users $71 to $64 per month and are twice as likely to make a purchase of $250 or more

This evidence shows the growing importance of mobile digital advertising in your next campaign but does not suggest a mobile-only approach.  Using an integrated approach with online and traditional media components is still the most potent strategy and provides an ideal combination of frequency, reach and precise targeting.

At R&A Marketing the design and implantation of integrated campaigns is the DNA of our planning process.  We closely follow the marketplace trends and seek to provide our clients with the most cost efficient and effective campaign to maximize the use of our clients’ marketing budgets.  Contact us today for a complimentary consultation.

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