Are your marketing messages seen as “fake news?”

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I know…”fake news” is an over-used term usually used in a political context.  But the phrase does capture a pervasive skepticism that people have regarding anything the see, read or hear in the media.  That includes your marketing messages in addition to the day’s latest headlines.

Consumers are better informed than ever before and their experience tells them that much of the information they see is exaggerated or just plain not true.  As marketers we have “earned” this skepticism through years of common puffery and hype.

It is time to stop telling your customers what YOU think they should believe and frame your message in a way that allows them to discover the truth themselves.  This self discovery leads to believing.  Believing leads to purchase consideration.

Instead of the usual array of features/benefits, tell a story that invites the consumer to acquire information from other sources that will provide the kind of third party verification that can be very convincing.  Maybe it’s an article download.  Or links to sources that can quickly be accessed for information.  Even video of personal testimonials…when properly done…can put consumers in the position of hearing your story from others instead of from you.

At R&A Marketing we embrace the challenge of moving your customers from skepticism to believing.  Don’t believe me?  Just take a look at what our customers have to sat at www.ramarketing.com.  Then give us a call.

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