Advertising is Changing Before Our Eyes

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Try to think about a place you can go where you don’t see any forms of advertising. Can you think of a place? Nor can we! In our society today advertising is everywhere we go therefore we are exposed to an abundance of advertisements on a daily basis. Due to advancements in technology advertising is changing from “linear” to “non-linear.”

According to an article from Mashable people have a lot of different technology devices and are constantly moving quickly and unpredictable between them. This causes a challenge to advertisers because it’s hard for them to tell a story that is able to unfold in a sequence to the viewers. The “currency” in marketing and communications today is content. Since year-to-year there are so many different forms of technology being created its hard for advertisers to perfect this content model of advertising.

According to Mashable here are 5 key ways advertisers and brands are changing it up:

  1. Switch to Non-Linear Storytelling
  2. Restructure Operations Around Content and Sharing
  3. Rethink the Purchase Funnel
  4. Facilitate Content Discovery
  5. Focus on Evergreen Entertainment

The digital world we live in today constantly brings up new challenges for advertisers. Recently, I have been noticing the amount of advertising that appears on the different social media outlets I use. It will be interesting to see in the future what new forms of advertising there will be do to the change from linear to non-linear advertising.


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