The 6 words that guarantee marketing failure

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I bet you already know what they are:

“It’s how we always do it”

These simple words represent an attitude common among lazy marketers that wonder why the results of their campaigns show steady declines.  Any given set of tactics may work once, but it is no guarantee the same approach will always yield the same results.  The media landscape is constantly changing and your prospects’ media habits change with it.  In today’s world of multi-tasking and time deprivation it is easy to just ignore or unsubscribe unless content is immediately relevant.  Content quickly becomes stale and falls flat.

With the right amount of work and research avoiding these 6 deadly words is not that difficult.  First, know your customer/prospect.  Not just the demos….know how they think and what they are passionate about.  Develop fresh content that appeals directly to their interests.  Don’t settle for features/benefits.  Find unique ways to connect on an emotional level.

At R&A Marketing we take a “zero base” approach to each campaign.  What is done in the past is used as data to inform the future, not a cookie cutter template that must be followed for the foreseeable future.  Give us a call to discuss a fresh approach for your marketing problems.

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