4 Steps On How To Build An Effective Marketing Strategy

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No one in business would deny the premise that a sound marketing strategy is critical to the success of the enterprise.

Yet there are still businesses both small and large that have no well- defined process to create a sound marketing strategy. This often results in using reflexive marketing tactics that veer all over the road like a student driver. If you are concerned about the direction of your business there is a 4-step process you can use to solve the problem.

1. Situation Assessment

• Clear business definition. Think broad here…an automotive company isn’t in the car business, they’re in the transportation business
• Evaluate the current position in the marketplace
• Define the environmental situation…what external factors are affecting the market
• Competitive analysis…be objective and thorough

2. Strategy Generation

• Considering the situation assessment state what you believe to be the strategic options
• Define your true competitive advantages…include product, process, distribution
• Analysis of internal and external issues relating to the likelihood of strategic option success

3. Strategy Selection

• Define risks and rewards
• Define core business objectives
• Define realistic resource allocation
• Select strategic option most in line with the selection analysis

4. Implementation

• Create the final budget
• Develop the tactical plan

While this process is simple and easy to understand it is not easy to do. A proper implementation will require time and talent resources devoted to the task as well as possible resource allocation for proprietary research. In the end, your efforts will be rewarded.

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