3 Things You Can Do Today To Create More Leads

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Every retailer has slow days or a few hours of downtime, but a savvy shop owner knows how to make the most of that time. Rather than let those hours go to waste, a small business owner can empower their sales staff to use the tools at their disposal to generate warm leads and engage with your customer base. Here are a few simple tricks to get your staff started!

  1. Utilize Social Media

Sometimes the answer is right in the palm of your hand. Encourage your sales team to do a local search on Facebook for furniture related posts. This can lead them to posts asking for recommendations or advice about furniture and mattress shopping. Then your sales team can reach out to potential customers directly to answer their questions and invite them to the store! This is an easy way to find qualified leads and prospects right in your area!

  1. Reach out to Social Influencers

Social Influencers were the biggest marketing trend of 2018, and businesses of all sizes are utilizing these new types of marketers. They are highly sought after because the right influencer can improve your brand image, broaden your reach, and attract new customers to your store. Do a search for social media personalities that fit your brand and appeal to your target demographic, and ask if they would be willing to create a post about your store in exchange for a discount. Just make sure that the post is appropriately tagged as an ad so you won’t get in trouble down the road! Read more about finding and collaborating with social influencers here.

  1. Go live!

Many of R&A’s clients have successfully used Facebook live to share news about important sales or events at their store. You can create hype about an upcoming event at the store or use Facebook Live to share the outcome of a contest you are hosting. Just make sure to give your fans plenty of heads up so they will know when to tune in for your announcement! We also recommend doing a practice run so that everyone involved will know what they are doing. It will be live, after all! This is also a great way to show off new products or clearance items on your showroom floor and engage with your customer base! This is a free tool that doesn’t require a lot of time investment on your part and can help with lead generating during business hours!


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