Website Update – Version 7.4

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We are excited to announce the release of Website Update 7. 4, which is the result of extensive efforts over the past few months. This update is strategically aligned with our upcoming 8. 0 release and brings a range of enhancements. Some of the key features in this update include comprehensive refactoring, optimizations, a new mobile menu style, a checkout fields manager, and the integration of a new Swiper slider JavaScript library. These updates will help improve the functionality and user experience of your website.

Checkout fields manager
In the new version, we’ve introduced the capability to edit checkout fields. Within this interface, users can disable specific fields, rearrange their positions, and even organize them into two columns for a more customized and streamlined checkout experience. Also, you can make them required/not required.

Swiper JS carousel
This strategic transition was executed to optimize both the scripts and styles within the website, facilitating the seamless integration of valuable enhancements. Beyond mere optimization, this change contributes to accelerated website rendering, directly influencing Google PageSpeed scores. The decision to move away from OWL, Slick, and Flickity was driven by the stagnant development of OWL carousel over the past four years, leading to issues in quality support and the incorporation of diverse enhancements. Slick carousel, while functional, was exclusively utilized in the single product gallery, and Flickity carousel was confined to the slider. Opting for a more contemporary solution, the shift to Swiper allowed us to consolidate our carousel functionality into a single library.

“Drilldown” layout for “Mobile menu”
Introducing the “Drilldown” for the Mobile Menu! In our ongoing effort to enhance user experience on mobile devices, we have implemented a refined layout for the mobile menu. We understand that a significant portion of sales now happens through mobile devices, so this enhancement is a crucial step in our commitment to optimize and elevate our theme’s performance on these platforms. With each update, we remain dedicated to refining and improving the mobile theme experience, ensuring a seamless and user-friendly interface for mobile users.

Product reviews
Reviews are a vital feature for any store. Customers trust you more when they can read feedback from other people about the products they have purchased. By default, WooCommerce offers basic functionality for reviews. However, we have extended this functionality to include a range of new possibilities, making it work just like the review systems on the most popular e-commerce websites. This update includes features such as Pros and Cons, rating criteria, filtering and sorting options, and new styles.

Product gallery video
It’s a widely recognized fact that videos provide more information about a product compared to images, and customers tend to make purchase decisions more quickly after watching them. Now, our theme supports the addition of multiple videos directly to the gallery on the single product page. You can use YouTube and Vimeo links to embed your product videos.

Image gallery on product hover
If you want to save your customers from the hassle of clicking on each product and going back just to see the images, check out our new option. It adds special navigation that allows users to quickly view all the product images directly from the shop page. With this feature, your customers can browse through your catalogs and make purchases more efficiently.

Wishlists for administrators
We are constantly expanding the options of our built-in wishlist module. Our theme’s wishlist feature is now not only beneficial for customers but also for administrators. As a store owner, you can now easily view and analyze the lists of all your customers’ wishlists. Additionally, you can also access a list of the most popular products that are frequently added to your customers’ wishlists.

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