The End

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Dead ends. Loose ends. Wit’s end. Split ends.

In a furniture store there are many endings. For the salesperson, it ends when they hand the customer their receipt. For the warehouse, it ends when they hand the customer their furniture. For accounting, it ends when the customer hands them their money.

But for Ms. Jones, this is just the beginning.

The end for Ms. Jones will happen in about ten years when she gets rid of what is now her “new” furniture.

What do these different “ends” mean in your business? How are they at odds with each other? Do they cause conflict? What would happen if everyone  in the company started looking at the world through Ms. Jones’ sunglasses? Product-focused would become customer-focused. Transactional would become relational. Ms. Jones, the world’s most ego-centric shopper, would become fixated with your fixation on her needs and desires and wishes.

I just love a happy ending, don’t you?

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