Seed Time

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Six sure bets in life: Death and taxes. Summer and winter. Seedtime and harvest.

The laws of business parallel the laws of nature. The farmer plants a seed and waits for it to grow. It’s a no brainer, right? But do you do the same in your business?

What are you planting, and are you willing to wait for your harvest? What are your seeds? They’re the seeds of relationship you plant when you strike up a conversation with the “Just lookers.” They’re the seeds of loyalty you plant when you recognize and reward you employees, or when you make good on a promise to a dissatisfied customer. They’re the seeds of interest when you use advertising to spread your message to your community.

Regarding marketing, ask: WHAT are you sowing when you push price, product and promotion? What kind of customer will this attract? Is she looking for a relationship or a one-night-stand? Is she loyal to you, or is she loyal to her wallet? Does she know why she needs you, or is she only in it for herself? Will you have to go through this whole rigmarole the next time you need cash but she doesn’t really need furniture? Do you keep digging up your seed before it’s had a chance to put down roots?

There are three laws of harvest: you always reap WHAT you sow, LATER than you sow and MORE than you sow. Are you planting good seed, and are you willing to wait for the bountiful harvest?

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