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Ahh, sunshine! This particularly sunny morning revealed dust in places where the sun usually don’t shine – at least it hasn’t shone all winter – bringing to light the fingerprints on the furniture and billowing drifts of dog hair under the dining room table.

So I started spring cleaning. I moved furniture, shook out rugs, swept and spit shined. I’m rejuvenated and exhausted at the same time.

This reminds me of my favorite entertainment tip you can share with Ms. Jones: evening events are easier, because candlelight hides a multitude of sins. If entertaining during daylight hours, look around your room the day before at the same time as your party to see where the sun shines and concentrate your cleaning there. (OK, to be honest, that’s all I clean.)

Do you do spring cleaning at your company? It’s a low-cost, high-yield activity for everyone in your organization. Clear off the top of your entire wrap desk, take everything out of every drawer. Gather all your organizational supplies on one place –bins, cups, labels, trays – and set up your own supply center. Reorganize, reprioritize. You’ll find things you hadn’t realized were lost, and you’ll lose things you realize you don’t need. Be ruthless in every office, closet, warehouse and break room.

While you’re at it, got any old policies you can shake out? Any arbitrary procedures that ought to be pitched? Anything new to set out on the counter, like a perk or a plus for Ms. Jones to enjoy?

Like all big projects, sometimes you have to make it look worse before it looks better. But the results are Fantastik®!


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