Kyle Doran Featured On Small But Mighty Agency Podcast

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President and CEO Kyle Doran was recently on the Small but Might Agency Podcast hosted by Audrey Joy Kwan. This podcast interviews agency owners to show you what it takes to grow your business from one to many—the good, the bad and the ugly. Nothing is off limits.

On this episode Kyle and Audrey explore what does it mean to streamline a business for growth? At its core, it means simplifying or eliminating unnecessary work-related tasks to make running the business easier.

While eliminating things may sound simple, streamlining a business can involve hard decisions.

In this episode, we connect with Kyle who streamlined his business by restructuring his remote team.

In the case of this small business, restructuring involved removing one job role and as a result, navigating changing scopes of work for the rest of his team — all the while maintaining their core value of relationship-focused servicing and a high-vibe team.

Kyle shares his thought process behind the change, why it was necessary and the impact on his business.

Together on the Small But Mighty Agency, we explore:
• Driving agency change and building a lean team
• Restructuring his team to better serve clients and be more effective
• Revising job functions and roles and empowering people to own the work
• Acknowledging leadership blindspots and growing from mistakes
• Why a coaching first principle in the business brings out the best in his team
• Using culture surveys to build a high vibe team and encourage retainment

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