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Ahhh, romance. Your heart twitters, your stomach flitters. You primp and preen for hours before each encounter. You write pithy poems and gaze google-eyed into space. You’re in love with love.

Slip a ring on your finger and a diaper bag over your shoulder and watch what happens. Heart-stopping fantasy passion becomes toilet-stopping reality.

Ms. Jones falls head over heels in romantic, emotional love with you. She enters into courtship with you because you make her FEEL good. And just like half of all marriages today, she will split when she FEELS bad.

But you, as the mature partner in this relationship (and the only one with something to lose, by the way), have to remain committed. Oh, you can try to make her stay with your no-return policies, re-stocking fees and down payments. But you can’t make her love you.

What’s the difference between romance and commitment?

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