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Although she was obviously never a Cub Scout, Ms. Jones knows what it means to “Be Prepared.”

Ms. Jones happily traded her Mini Cooper for a minivan and swapped her briefcase for a diaper bag. At any given moment she is within arm’s length of a baggie full of Cheerios and a change of clothes for every member of the family. She always has a tissue, a nail file and a safety pin. She has never run out of diapers at the mall nor faced an empty sippy cup at the park.

So, what kind of impression does it make when you can’t find the price on a table or lamp she likes? Or when no one is available to make a decision about her problem? Or when you show up with her new furniture – for which she paid top dollar, thank you very much – and it’s not even the right item? Not the right color? It has a tear or a scratch? It’s dirty? It’s missing parts?

Are you prepared for Ms. Jones

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