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Ahhh, bliss. The forecast for Spring Break in Ohio is scattered snow showers, but we’re slipping down to Florida. We always choose a particular airline for its great fares and no-hassle policies. Today I’m noticing the little perks they’ve built into their personal experience.

I’m sitting in a comfy leather chair. There are plenty of outlets to charge my laptop, which is connected to free Wi-Fi. Children are playing with blocks; they’re happy now, but I hope they don’t sit beside me. We checked in online and checked our bags outside (with no fees for either service or extra bags).

Ms. Jones loves perks. Beyond the ever-present price and service, she likes the little things that make her feel appreciated and pampered. Perks don’t have to cost a lot, but they do have to be considerate. What little benefits can you offer her today? An envelope for her receipts? A secluded place to fill out paperwork? A place for her children to play while she shops? A drink? A follow up phone call? A thank you card? Information? Education? Entertainment?

I might take these perks for granted, but this airline does a pretty good job of humbly tooting their own horn. Witty posters along the jet bridge make sure I know how they’re different from the others.

Do you perk and toot?

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