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When you move, you send a change of address postcard and the Post Office takes care of the rest. Anyone you would want to come to your new home probably helped you move, so they already know where you are.

It’s a hard thing to move a store, much harder than it is to move a family. But that’s OK, because you’re probably stuck there where you are. And you might like that just fine. You might be in the best place for your business, with the right amount of exposure and the perfect amount of rent.

But what if you’re not? Sometimes a farm field becomes the new high rent district faster than you can say “urbanization.” Is your rent low because you’ve fallen too far from the beaten path? Or is your rent sky high but your traffic counts are, too?

How do you compensate for a bad location? More advertising? More personal contact? More off-site services? More selection? A better website? Do you do anything differently if you’ve got a killer location? Less advertising? Different advertising?

Does Ms. Jones know where you are? What can you do about it?

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